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September Art in the Library – Polly Sievert

During the month of September, the Presque Isle Community Library presents “Your Up-North Spirit” art exhibit by Polly Sievert. An Artist’s Reception will be held Tuesday, September 5 from 3 to 5pm with an Artist’s Talk at 4pm. The reception is free, and refreshments will be served.

Polly transforms mixed media items, like textiles, fibers, papers, paint, and natural elements found in the Northwoods into art that provides a pathway to the inner calm and quiet of one’s “Up North Spirit” … one’s Gentle Spirit. Owners of Polly’s art have said that when they are unable to spend time in the Northwoods, they can escape to the peace of the Northwoods just by meditating on the textures and theme of her artwork in their home.

Polly is also the co-author of the book, Birch Lake: From Past to Present in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.  This book gives a great account of the local history of Presque Isle and Winchester.  It also is full of many pictures and family stories of the early settlers of Birch Lake.  Copies can be found at the local libraries to check out or can be purchased at Moondeer Gallery in Boulder Junction.

Founder of Gentle Spirit Studio (, Polly welcomes you to “Follow” her on Instagram (polly_gentlespiritstudio) and “Like” her on Facebook (GentleSpiritStudio) for inspiration on finding your gentle spirit. Teaching and speaking engagements on topics relating to her art, finding one’s gentle spirit, and “forest bathing” in one’s own home are passions of Polly’s.

Polly has been enjoying the Northwoods in all seasons her entire life.  Her family has owned property in the area since the mid-1930’s.  Polly feels so blessed to also have found her husband, Bob Bergman, in the wonderful Northwoods.

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