May & June Featured Artist – Bob Monaghan and Pam & Stu Whipple

We are happy to announce our Featured Artist for May & June: Bob Monaghan. His art is currently displayed at the library. We are also featuring art from Pam & Stu Whipple’s collection from their travels in the American Southwest in our glass cases.

Bob Monaghan was born in 1969 in Chicago. He grew up in Glenview near Chicago, where he spent countless hours outside and found a  strong passion for the outdoors. Bob still carries that passion today, spending as much time in the outdoors as time will allow. Although he currently resides in Northern Illinois (Grayslake) with his wife and three children, he has a strong bond to the Northwoods. He states: “The first time I visited the Northwoods, I fell in love with the beauty, the vastness and the peacefulness. The Northwoods has been etched in my heart and my mind ever since.” Bob has recently started painting and he not only tries to capture those same feelings in each of his acrylic paintings but also in his handcrafted frames. He conveys the style commonly seen in the Northwoods to each individual frame. It is obvious to see his love of the Northwoods through his artwork.  Bob strongly believes, “The Northwoods is not just a place, but a way of life”.