How to donate to the library

At this time, we are only taking new release and high demand items. Please call ahead to see if your item(s) will be considered to be added to our collection or put in our in library book sale. If items are donated, the library can give a receipt for materials donated, but cannot put a value on them.

Monetary donations are always appreciated and accepted.


Shop At Amazon & Earn $$$ for the P.I. Library

If you shop regularly at or even if you only shop occasionally at, now when you do, you can earn money for the Presque Isle Library!  It doesn’t cost you a penny.  When you place an order with Amazon, they will automatically send a percentage of your order total to the Presque Isle Library!

How does it work, you ask?  It’s super easy.   Look over to the right…yes, on the right-hand side of this web page.  See the new link called “Shop at Now”?  When you click on it…No, don’t click on it yet!...but when you do, you’ll be transferred to the Home Page.  Once you’re there, you can shop to your hearts content…buy that new camera you’ve wanted, get yourself a Kindle (Did I really say that?), or do all of your Christmas shopping!  When you check out, a percentage of your order will be transferred to the Presque Isle Library Amazon Associates Account.   But you won’t see it happen. It's completely transparent. There's no acknowledgement back to you telling you that it’s happened, or thanking you on behalf of the Presque Isle Library.  But believe me, the Presque Isle Community Library will appreciate your order, big or small.  The money from your order will be transferred to a savings account, and that money will be used to buy more materials for the P.I. library:  children’s books, adult fiction & non-fiction, dvd’s, books on cd, large print books, etc, etc…

Here are some details about how this works. It only works if you go to Amazon through the library’s home page. By clicking the “Shop at Now” link over to the right. No, don’t click it yet!  Once you’re at Amazon's Home Page, you can sign into your own account, just like you always do, if you have one. If you don’t have an account, Amazon will prompt you for all the necessary information during the checkout process. Lastly, the percentage that the Presque Isle Library earns is on a sliding scale, from a low of 2% to a high of 6%, depending upon the total cumulative sales in a month. So, if you were planning on purchasing something from Amazon, please use the Library’s Home Page to go to Amazon, and earn some $$$ for the Presque Isle Library!  Thank You in advance, from the Presque Isle Library, for shopping at Amazon!  Yes…Now you can click it….