Art in the Library

J.K. Roche & Nicole Keisler

In celebration of National Poetry month, which is April, please enjoy a series of poet J.K. Roche’s poems entitled: “The Woodsman”. These poems can be viewed on display in the library during open hours (currently Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 AM- 12 PM).

Accompanying the poems we have mushroom photographs entitled “Arborescence” by artist Nicole Keisler. Stop in the library during open hours to view the poetry and art.

The essence of the poetry in this exhibit can best be described as mimnesko (pronounced mim-nace’-ko), which means to remind, remember, call to mind, “actively remember” and be mindful of. Each of the poems displayed is a study in the uniquely human ability to recall to mind a particular experience, reflect and then express a vast array of emotions that are universal to all people.

Nicole rose Keisler creates many types of art including acrylic paintings, malas, song writing, poetry, photography, tree bathing (shinrin yoku) and yoga routines. Nicole’s mushroom photographs accompanying the poetry collection are meant to accentuate the connection of the poems to place and nature; and, provide an organic, grounding and uplifting perspective to the project.

This is a second collaboration for a poetry and art exhibit by the mother and daughter team and there is an addition of a bonus poem written by twelve-year-old Caleb Keisler, making the exhibit a three generational project.