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TEL: 715-686-7613 | Presque Isle, WI

Polly Sievert, Guest Artist for September and October

Polly Sievert will be the Guest Artist at the Presque Isle Library during the months of
July & August. Her Northwoods mixed-media artwork will be displayed throughout
July and August.
Polly specializes in blending varied fibers, papers, and discovered objects into works
of art, that for many, serve as a prescription for a stressed and harried world. The
rich textures in her Northwoods-inspired pieces are an escape from today’s world of
smartphones, tablets and technology.
Polly lives by the wisdom of the Dragonfly, directing her life and guiding her hands
to create inspirational pieces that provide a pathway to the inner calm and quiet of
one’s Gentle Spirit.
Stop by the Library and witness how her artwork calms your spirit. Her pieces are
meant to be enjoyed. If you find yourself wanting to take a piece home, her art is
for sale with 10% of the proceeds being donated the “The Friends of the Library”.
You will find something for everyone.

Find Polly on Facebook and Instagram: Gentle Spirit Studio and her website:


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