Curbside Pickup at the Presque Isle Community Library

Your library is here for you. Presque Isle Community Library is committed to providing patrons access to online resources and physical materials. Safety to our patrons and our staff is our biggest concern.

What items can I get through curbside service?

  • Books, Movies, Audio Books, Magazines and Seeds from our seed catalog. You can request specific titles or authors, or you can ask one of the librarians for recommended materials. We are happy to help. You can say: “Give me anything written by John Grisham” or “I want to read something upbeat and happy and I like female authors” or “DVDs with Tom Hanks” or

“Picture books for my 3-year old” …. you get the idea…

When does it start?

  • Curbside Pickups will begin on Friday, May 1st and will take place at the front entrance of the Presque Isle Library: 8306 School Loop Road.
  • Staff will arrange a pickup time as holds become available.
  • To support social distancing and to follow state orders, the library is operating with a very limited staff. We will fill your holds as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your patience.

Follow three easy steps for curbside pickup.

Step one: Place your items on hold.

  • Use the online catalog: to search for items currently available at the Presque Isle Community Library. You may also choose to pick “View all Merlin items”, just be sure to set the pickup location as Presque Isle.
  • Or Call: 715-686-7613 and we will place the holds for you.
  • Or email us: [email protected]
  • We will only be able to lend items from our library.

Step two: The library will call you to schedule pick up

  • When your order is ready, a staff member will call you to arrange a pickup time.
  • Staff will pull your items, check them out, and place them in a bag. There will be a slip with your initials and last 4 digits of your phone number stapled to the bag.

Step three: Pick up your items

  • At the arranged pick up time, come to the front entrance
  • Holds will be placed in a shopping cart outside of the building, under the overhang for contactless pickup.
  • Your items will be bagged with a label with your initials and last 4 digits of your phone number stapled to the bag.
  • Make sure you take the correct bag.

While the curbside pickup will take place under an overhang, if it is raining and windy, we may need to cancel pickup.


The Presque Isle Community Library remains closed to the public. Lobbies, restrooms, computers, and other services will not be accessible. 

Please do not attempt to use the shopping cart to return materials. This is essential to maintain safe handling of all materials.  Please do not attempt to bring in donations of books and other materials. At this time, we are not accepting donations of any kind.


Safety Considerations: The Presque Isle Community Library is following the guidelines provided by the CDC and the Wisconsin Department of Health to ensure the safety of our staff and patrons. Library staff will strictly adhere to current guidelines about not working while exhibiting symptoms of any illness. We will enforce social distancing standards and practice hand hygiene between each transaction.

When you return materials to the library, please place them in our book drop. We will be quarantining all returned materials for 96 hours. They will remain checked out to your card for several days after you return them. We can only accept returns through the book drop in order to make sure these procedures are followed correctly.

Despite following these guidelines, the Presque Isle Community Library cannot guarantee that all of our materials are completely free of contagion. It is possible that the COVID-19 virus can remain viable on hard surfaces for several days. Please use your best judgement about how to keep you and your family safe. If you are concerned about exposure to COVID-19 from library materials, we suggest that you keep your materials quarantined  in their delivery bag for 96 hours before you handle them, or that you avoid the risk altogether by using our digital services instead.