Art in the Library

July Art in the Library – Kareth Servis

During the month of July, the Presque Isle Community Library presents an exhibition by Kareth Servis, a mixed-media artist, illustrator, and landscape designer. She lives in Mequon, WI and on Crab Lake in Presque Isle, WI, and is inspired by the beauty, colors and activities of the world around her, particularly the local flora and fauna.

Kareth began drawing in pen and ink during graduate school in Landscape Architecture, continued by creating her own holiday cards every year, eventually creating cards and invitations for friends and family. Now her work is almost entirely done in pen, ink and watercolor and is available at her Etsy shop (KarethServisIllustra), and at various shows.

She loves working with and getting to know different people, getting glimpses into their lives and what they care about most, helping them preserve their most favorite memories and making them happy.